Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing Service

The process of Social Media Marketing is an effort to pull potential visitors to your website through interesting content such as status updates, images and videos posted over several social media websites. This phenomenon is termed as Social Media Marketing and it seemed to majorly like with website optimized process. It is closely related to the process of Search Engine Optimization. Social Media Marketing has emerged as most effective tool for internet marketing after Search Engine Optimization.

Thus Social Media Marketing or Social Media Optimization refers the use of social media elements and websites to increase awareness of a company, brand or a product. The type of social media include the following elements

How it Works?

Whenever a web page is liked or shared on a social media website by a user it counts for that web page’s quality and content. These points further used by search engines to rank the web page accordingly to show in the search results. This way search engines are scan more into the social media search.

How Traffic is Generated?

Social Media Marketing is a technique which works on the basis of viral marketing and that spread through word of mouth by using social media websites. The content could be shared through various sources likes photo sharing, bookmarking, videos and other social network sites. This way by following social trends websites can retain existing followers and also attract new ones. Thus the business builds the online presence and its ranking is also increased. It does not work by adding fake clients rather it spreads by word of mouth.

Social Media Optimization Sections:

  • The social media success lies in the original content which includes social news, RSS Feeds, user ratings, polls, images and videos.
  • The activities which apart from having promotional content is also linked to social media. The content could be in form of a blog, status update, group or discussion participation etc.
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