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Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years. Especially in the case of small scale entrepreneurs or someone who wants to associate internet to business. Internet acts as the first reference to any platform worldwide. If you want to know about something in details or put up an advertisement for your purposes, the web meets your demands. It is a common misconception that people have regarding SEO that it is actually back linking your site from any available source. If followed this method, it will negatively impact your stand in the Google index on the web. SEO is basically the method of growing your ratings in search engines like Google and Bing that people refer to for clarification so that the users can find appropriate information about you and visit your website.

What is the Need for Seo

need of seoAny venture that needs to make progress needs an online set up. It does not necessarily mean that you have to initiate trade from your site. It means that you can give out information regarding your products and customer services. You can provide information regarding its make and whether it is available all across the globe. It will be helpful for customers seeking for information regarding your site. As mentioned before, present day internet is not just used to search for information but also things like rating and reviewing. A properly set up website that fulfills the entire requirement and a proper online establishment will turn out to be an influential investment if done wisely. It will help you gain customers.

Factors To Keep In Mind

seo for beginners

Since SEO plays a crucial role in business promotion, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind. Before you just start randomly back-linking from other site to yours, it is imperative that you do sufficient research on the links. Bing and Google as search engines have highly modified algorithms that take into account various factors before they get onto to determining the ranking of a website. These factors play a prominent role in terms of getting the rating of you website. If these factors are properly followed, your business venture will see a progress. These factors are further discussed below.

Quality Of The Backlinks Matters

seo for beginners

The back-links that are being used for the SEO should be of high quality. It is one of the most important factors in SEO. Previously, you were entitled to create as many back links as possible and doing so would have generally helped your site in ranking higher. However, with the modernization, there has been a vital change in Google’s algorithm functionality. This change has made it difficult to increase the ranking by just randomly back-linking your sites. It is not all that difficult to create good quality back-links. You have to create good quality content which the users might link to their various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and many more.

The Social Signal

seo for beginners

Social signal is another factor. Social signals are basically posts, links tweets and shares that are made over the social media in connection to your site. The search engines look up these sites like every other site. Strong online responses to your sites like more number of likes and share of your link will lead to the improvement of your ranking on the net. Create fetching content and share it on the business account that you have over the social media. The more followers that you have the more likely it is for the ranking of your site to increase.

Age Of The Website

seo for beginnersOne of the most archaic factors of ranking a website is by its age. The more old your website it is, the more likely it is that people will consider it to be a more authorized site. Google or any other search engine will never allow any recently introduced website to be ranked at the top of their search list. Building SEO and reputation amongst the consumers take time and search engines are aware of it. Hence, website age is an important ranking factor for seo.

On-Page Enhancement

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It is best you opt for enhancing the website so that the bots from the search engines can read it clearly. It is important since the algorithms of the search engines are regularly updated, it is imperative that you update your website in order to keep pace. You have to optimize your HTML so that the search engine gets the correct information. There are certain points to keep in mind while you optimize or enhance your page.

  • Explain your content with proper headline.
  • Meta description and title tags should be used.
  • There should be alt labels on all the images
  • Have proper internal linking
  • Always use open chart Meta labels

Above stated points will ensure a good start, but there are other ways to that you can use for optimization.

Speed Of The Website

seo for beginners

Fast loading website has more appeal amongst its users. None of the users will want to sit before a page and watch it load. It might even lead to loss of valuable customers. This might also adversely affect your rankings. Subdued demand in the social media is one of the crunches that your website might have to deal with in the social media. Get your website speed checked in order to avoid losing out on social signals and back links.

User Reviews

Source: Realtyfact
Source: Realtyfact

The response from the users and their reviews regarding the quality of a particular site also plays a huge role. User experience and reviews and its association with the website improvements is like a cycle. Good reviews lead to more hype of a site, similarly more hype regarding a site will make more and more people interested in knowing more about the site.


SEO needs to be done with utmost care and concern. Properly chocked out SEO will provide with better business and will help you in garnering a good repute in comparison to its contemporaries. Make a good impression for a long stay in the run.

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