About Enterprise Portal Development

A enterprise portal is a diversified website that brings information from various different sources in a way that you can surf them all at one place i.e. in a single website. Each information sections have a dedicated space on the web page to display the information which is most commonly referred to as portals.

The most important aspect that is related to the enterprise portals is the search efficiency. Many enterprise portals provide users a unique look and feel with proper access control privileges which he can use at his convenience.

We Design State of the Art Enterprise Web Portal

Here at MindGrove eSolutions we design state of the art Enterprise Portals. We bring together various ingredients of classic enterprise portal design elements and tied them together to offer you liberty of communication and collaboration. To deliver most accurate and valid information for your business we process the information from various advanced web applications and web services around the globe. Our expert team of professional developers works seamlessly for every client and collect their detail business requirements needed to reflect in the web application.

Our Enterprise portal would stand best as compared to other enterprise web portal service you would choose.

Web Solutions We Include

Social Networking – Social Network and Social Network integration has become the vital phenomenon of today’s web portal application needs. Every website is unleashing the power of Social Networking.

E commerce – The online buying and selling has increased tremendously over the years. People prefer online purchase now days. A strong competition among e-store communities could be easily observed.

Web Portals – Web Portal brings diversified information from various sources into one place.

Media Streaming – Media Streaming is the method of transmitting digital data of an audio or video file. Other web services could stream the data over other websites for viewing.

Custom Web Applications – For every unique business need a distinct website is required which can express to your prospective clients about the products and services you offer.

For years we are developing and delivering quality web solutions to our esteemed clients. We have technical expertise in various open source technology such as PHP and other CMS which are based on PHP.

Under the specific service need we develop almost applications for all the business domains. Our software solutions take care of your business and budgetary requirements

Service Domains That We Take Care

  • Human Resource and Development
  • Order Taking and Delivery
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Customer Relationship Management

We deliver competent web portal solutions for any of your business need which also satisfy your budget and help you to achieve to meet business goals. For any kind of requirement you are free to contact our customer relation services.


You can contact us to talk more about your projects.