Email Marketing

Today every e-commerce website is using email marketing service as an effective tool to keep updating customers about latest deals and offers. Some of the e-commerce giants could be summarized as Amazon, eBay, Flip-kart and GroupOn.

Email Marketing Concept

Email marketing or email newsletter is quite effective tool for web marketing. It is pretty cost effective and time saving method to reach the doors of your existing and potential customers. It has got better customer acquisition possibilities. The success of most of the e-commerce website is all dependent upon the subscription based alert system being sent to their customers regularly in form of an effective and luring email message.

Advantages of Email Marketing


It is as simple as anything else and everyone can do it. Once your brand promotion, deal or offer is ready it is just required to float. You need to build a good mailing list of your prospects and grab a large number of customers.


Email Marketing is low cost as compared to the printed form of the newsletter. An electronic document could be floated and spread to any number to places and clients without investing any heavy budget. What else one would want?

Opt Out Subscribers

You should always give your customers an option to opt out from your regular email newsletter. This would offer you a better insight that who are your most important business prospects for the upcoming deals and offers or buyers for the new product launch.

Fast and Effective Response

It is not necessary that every user would open and check his mailbox daily. Still if he checks in coming 2 or 3 days then even it would prove to be fast and effective way to inform them. In comparison to the snail mail it takes around 5 to 7 days to reach the destination.

Safe and Personal

You may relax as the promotion that you have sent to your customer would remain safe and no one else would go to take out the benefit from it. Email is the highly protective and secure form of communication.


Nothing could be more interactive than that of an electronic newsletter. You may integrate attractive images, stunning animations, interactive videos, quizzes and lot more you can do with it. You may also send feedback forms and questionnaire to your prospective clients. It is lightening fast and effective. Everyone Has It

Apart from the though fact that email marketing service is facing a competition with other online social services. Still it is more popular way to communicate with people in comparison to social media. A latest study as revealed that there are 39% people who have never accessed a social media network. And in response to the same there are only 6% people in the US who have never checked an email.

Email Id The Unique Identifier

Usually people are enrolled into different social networking websites but usually they have a only one or at most two active email ids not more than that. The one email id acts as their user name to login into multiple websites. Thus their email id acts as a unique email identity. It would hardly be a chance to become obsolete in any way.

Google+ is also tying email more directly into social media activity, blurring the distinction between the two.


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