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Android is one of the greatest platforms available to users as well as developers. It is universally used. It is also supported by the platform of Google. Android platforms have various apps for various purposes. These can range from apps related to grocery shopping and medical aid to apps related to the paying of your household bills etc. Hailing a cab to buying products all can be done on the tip of the fingers, quite literally. If you want to create an android apps but are not very aware of how to go about it, there are certain steps that you ought to follow to help you ease into the matter.

The Programming Language

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The programming languages used in the android app creation are java based. You need not be an expert in java but there are certain areas like a good knowledge of Swing and AWT for the development for your apps GUI. The knowledge of the following topics mentioned below will make it easier for you to go about the entire process of building an first android app.

  • Swing
  • Inheritance
  • Event handling
  • Constructors
  • Abstraction
  • Packages
  • Methods, classes and objects
  • JDBC
  • Polymorphism

Get Your First Android App Build

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It is important to have the correct knowledge and methodology about getting your android application build. The way you build your android application will affect how likeable it is by the people. In order to build your android application correctly, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to get your application built.

  • Build the idea: your app will be based on an idea. You have to make sure that you have a clear cut knowledge regarding what your application will be dealing with. An efficient idea will be able to make a god start. Try and deter from complex functionality. The more interesting you make it, the wider appeal it will have to the people. Make sure that there is creative user interaction present in the application. Make the most of it with the usage of minimum codes.
  • Choose the IDE: Using java and android studio and java. It is the officially recognized method suggested by Google. It assures flexibility and support in case things go wrong. IDE language has many options. C++ and unity can be some of your choices. There is also an IDE specifically for android and is known as AIDE.
  • Collection of resources: Collect all the necessary resources that you might want to use to create first android application. These include material like mean images that is meant to be used in the application, but just ensure that copyright laws are not violated.
  • Build the layout: Create the desired layout for your application by using ‘designer’. It is one of those tools that will let you design objects by dragging and dropping the widgets wherever you want to place them on the page. The only requirement to do this successfully is by starting a new venture in the android studio. It can be done by following the simple steps like File -> New -> New Project. Choose the option of ‘empty activity’ having completed the aforementioned steps successfully.
  • Creating core codes: You already are aware of the java basics that are required to create widgets. You then have to open the java folder in order to proceed with the main activity and then just create ‘onClick’ events. This step adds codes. This code will only come into effect when there are certain specific buttons clicked or any other specific action taken by the users.
  • Executing more intricacy: Your application should already have certain basic functionality features by now. These features include the app responding to the clicking of buttons. You can always add more features and functionality. This special functionality may include the playing of music on the click of a certain button. Animations can be a part of this feature too. The tapping of some buttons may include the play of animations or voice over to make the application more interesting to the people.
  • Publish your app: It is imperative that you test you apps for any kinds of bugs and any other technical difficulty and then you can get your application sanctioned from the Google play store and publish it there.

View this video to see the tutorial of creating a android project in Eclipse

The Demand Of The Application

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While creating an app, you have to keep in mind that it caters to a vast group of people or caters to a particular requirement of the people. Make sure that the app that you create is easy to use even for a layman. The user interface should be combination of simplicity and interest i.e. it should be simple android app. The logo of your application also plays a role in getting users to find the app interesting. The more downloads you have, the more you app will move up the charts in the Google play store. Ensure regular updates to do away with any form of technical glitch that might be there.

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